Thursday, August 22, 2013

You may have noticed my last blog post was in 2010!  Well, I guess that means I am a tad behind.  A third baby along with our other family business has taken me temporarily away from photography. I am going to continue to blog with some more personal post, and I hope to begin taking sessions again one day.

Our family was lucky enough to take a trip to Corolla, North Carolina.  You would expect 90 degree sunny days in August...well, we tried to enjoy 70 degree days with clounds, wind, and even rain.  What else to do but play on the beach, makeup free, some of us in our pjs.  I was all to happy to chase my adorable little family members around and capture some fun moments.  For me, these are the images I adore the most, candid, untouched and pure.  Thanks for looking!