Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation Tips

We just returned from Williamsburg, Virginia and had a blast! After half of us being sick on our vacation last year, we had very low expectations. This can be a good thing when things go well and you are surprised! I captured this image of my DD (darling daughter) at the time share we were staying at called Powhatan Plantation.

As promised, my special tip that involved detailed research. When going anywhere that involves crowds, always go to your left! Why the left you may say. Most of us are wired to go the the right (right handed.) I noticed that when we entered the amusement park, the line was shorter on the left. As soon as your in, go to the left and you will notice that most people are rushing to the right (silly people.) When in line to get food, again, go left. I neglected to follow my own tip and watched two people in the left line of the eatery while my line (the right one) was 20 deep. I hope you use this tip on your next vacation and if it doesn't work for you, you didn't hear it from me:)